JENNIFER BUFFETT: Super Woman Philanthropist

Recently, we got a Marie Claire magazine in the mail. It must have been a Holiday gift from Santa Clause, because we have no subscription to Marie Claire, haha! Yet, it was a nicce surprise and we were enlightened with a great article!

As we flipped through the pages, we came across a full-page photograph of a beautiful woman that caught our attention; Jennifer Buffett. She is married to Peter Buffett, who is the son of one of the wealthiest men in the world; Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett gave Peter and Jennifer Buffett a gift of $1 billion dollars  and his only request was that they do something meaningful with the money and to give it away.

Jennifer and her husband made a decision to travel the world and figure out what exactly they’d do with with the money. They saw one issue that they were very moved by and they came upon the decision to focus on helping girls and women around the world. They created the NoVo Foundation.

What an inspiring woman! I absolutely love something that she says in her interview with Marie Claire:

“I feel more alive than I ever have in my whole life,” she says. “We have the ability to do so much. I can’t wait to get out of bed and support that.”

To read the interview, click here.

It’s amazing that there are wealthy people in this world who truly put their love and passion into making this a better world for everyone!

Here’s a photo of Jennifer Buffet with girls in Liberia!

Peace & Love,

Molly and Natalia


Creating A Sustainable Future For The World Through Fashion


Although we’ve created clothes from leftover fabrics so far, we are designers that want to merge with the new sustainable fashion movement and the way we see it is that there is no other way.

What do we consider the new fashion movement?

A movement, which uses the highest quality fabrics, produced with organic methods and dyed with natural materials. The talented workers making the fabric must have fair hours and wages. Them and their families must be supported so that they can grow stronger, live happier lives, and therefore produce better and more creative work. All of this will help both designers and producers of fabric and clothing to envision a better future for themselves and the world as a whole.

There are so many talented people all over the world. We believe that now is the time for real global collaboration! We must connect and support each other for a beautiful future and we must use the resources that this rich earth holds for us. Almost every country and culture on this planet has something unique to share with this world.

We can change the world by making a statement with the clothes we wear and as designers, we can make this change with the clothes we design. The best part is that you can look great and have fun while changing the world with what you wear.

An inspiring company is making change as I type this. It’s called People Tree and it supports everything I mentioned above. One of their biggest supporters is Emma Watson. Check out the video below of Emma Watson visiting Bangladesh where People Tree has one of its’ many producers of clothing. The workers have fair hours and wages, their children are supported with schools, and living space.

It’s an exciting direction for fashion and frankly, we believe that it’s the only choice we must make right now! Let’s support the beautiful and talented people of countries, such as, Indonesia, Thailand, Peru, India, Africa, Mexico, and many more!


Molly and Natalia

Prospero Año Nuevo! Happy New Years! Счастливые Новые годы!

We’re a day away from welcoming 2012! What a year, 2011 was! We’re saying goodbye to it in style this year and we’re welcoming 2012 with wide open arms!!! We don’t know whether 2012 will be the apocalypse or whether the Mayans will be correct about an enormous change, but what we do know is that for us, we’re beginning a new journey in 2012!

Since our backgrounds are Russian, we like to put up a New Years tree. This is in true-soviet style! Since Russia used to be the Soviet Union and under Communism there is no religion, people would put up a “Christmas tree” on New Years. We’ve kept this tradition, because we aren’t religious and putting up a tree with presents is always fun! This year we agreed that we put up the best tree we’ve ever had!

We made handmade pom-pom ornaments with yarn and we put up our desires on little sale tags all over the tree! It came out beautiful and this is how we’re greeting the New Year! Twelve desires for twelve months of the year! Check out the photos:

What are some of the things we want for 2012:

– Ron Paul to become President!

– For Nicholas to be healthy, FOREVER!

– To eat the best, healthiest fruits & vegetables in the world!

– To have a new beautiful home with plenty of space to design clothes and make art!

– To make a successful collection of corsets and dresses for Athena’s Gown!

– Travel!

– More global consciousness and awareness between humans worldwide!


– To volunteer on a regular basis and spread love!

– More solutions and funding for global warming!!! Let’s save the world!

– Constant moments of joy and happiness!!!




Hablo un poco de Espagñol!

¡Hola! Me llamo Molly. Yo soy de Los Estados Unidos. Vivo en Nuevo York. ¡Soy una artista! Me gusta mucho el chocolate, bailar, y leer. ¡Me encanta el arte! ¡Hablo Inglés, Ruso, y un poco de Espagñol!

¡Prospero Año Nuevo!

That’s right, folks! I’M SPEAKING SPANISH! Well, as a matter of fact, my mom and I are both beginning Spanish speakers! We’re both studying together right now. It’s fantastic learning a new language! And here’s the translation for what I wrote above:

Hello! My name is Molly. I’m from the United States of America. I live in New York. I’m an artist! I really like chocolate, dancing, and reading! I love art! I speak English, Russian, and a little bit of Spanish!

Prosperous New Years!

So what’s our curriculum? Well, this is where the internet comes in. Don’t you just LOVE the 21st Century? Thanks to free websites, podcasts, etc. Anyone can learn almost anything they want, right from home! & For free!

We use a free podcast, called ‘Coffee Break Spanish.’ Each podcast is around 20 minutes long and we do indeed, sit down with our routine cup of organic coffee and practice! Sometimes we take this podcast along with us on the road as well and practice in the car. It’s a fantastic podcast and we are so grateful for the two people who recorded it: Mark and Kara!!! Click Here for the link for the free podcasts that you can subscribe to, through itunes!

Aside from Coffee Break Spanish, we use some extra material as well and this is Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone is also a great program! It really drills every phrase into your head through the use of images and there’s no possible way that you can forget what you learn! The program is set up to teach you, the way that children instinctually learn new languages.

Oh yes! And in the light of the Holidays we’re cheerfully singing Spanish- Christmas songs this year! Check out this really funny and religious Spanish song we found! We sing along to the chorus!

Anyways, these two programs work miracles for us. We’ll keep you updated on our progress! We should be fluent towards the end!!! 🙂

Happy Holidays from all of us!

-Molly, Natalia & Nicholas

Diego Rivera: Murals for MoMa

In November, MoMa (The Museum of Modern Art) announced that it would have  an exhibition of Diego Rivera’s murals. When we heard, we went right away! In fact, I think we went the next day, right after the exhibition had opened! It was so fascinating to learn about this tremendous artist who indeed, left a huge footprint on humanity. The exhibition included murals, which Rivera painted specifically for MoMa. The murals are portable.

Diego Rivera With Wife & Artist, Frida Kahlo

Diego Rivera: A Mexican Artist With A Message To The World About His Country

Diego Rivera was a man who strictly worked for the people. Yes, he was a Communist and supported the Communist ideals. He painted people. That was everything he did. He put the spotlight on the workman and indigenous people of Mexico. He saw poor people being worked to death and that’s why Communism was a movement that turned him on. Rivera was closely associated with Communists. He was even invited to visit Russia where he closely studied what was happening there. He had sketchbooks filled with drawings of the people of Russia. Yet, what we must know is that Rivera did not, under any means, support what Stalin was doing. Yes, he did support Lenin and Leon Trotsky.

Check out this beautiful mural of Mexicans gathering sugar cane:

It’s really fantastic what Rivera did for humanity. It astounds me when I look at his art. He completely devoted himself and his art to people. Although the exhibition in MoMa was absolutely excellent, one day I plan to go to Mexico City, because Diego painted that entire city. It’s so common for people to go see the murals that Michelangelo painted in Italy, but let’s travel to Mexico City this time and marvel at the work created for people by Diego Rivera!!!

Just look at this mural, called “The Indigenous World,” by Rivera, located at the National Palace in Mexico City!

So Why Did Diego Paint Murals?

Most artists would have worked with oil paints and canvas at that time, but Diego Rivera painted fresco’s. In his youth, Rivera traveled to Italy and studied the skill of painting a fresco. This is a techniques that requires the artist to paint in sections and very quickly, because a fresco dries fast! A fresco is wet plaster, so basically you have to paint on the plaster before it dries. If any of you have ever broken and arm or a leg and had to get a cast, then you know just how quickly the plaster dries! The great aspect of a fresco though is that it can last a lifetime!

So back to our original question. Why did Rivera paint with frescos? Our theory is that Rivera wanted to leave his mark for a lifetime, so that not only would we never forget him, but for the world to never forget the hard workers and indigenous people of Mexico!

Diego Rivera in New York City:

As Diego rose to fame, he was invited to come to America. He painted the portable murals for MoMa in New York City and soon enough Rockefeller commissioned Diego to paint a mural in the Rockefeller Center.

Although Diego enjoyed the parties and the crowd in New York City. The glitz and the glamour of New York City, did not stop him from realizing the cruel reality that the workman and work-woman had to go through in America. And so when he painted for MoMa, he painted reality. Look at this extraordinary mural of Industrial, dark New York:

Lastly, Was The Famous Rockefeller Commission:

It’s very difficult to show the detail of this immense mural, but please do google it for more detailed images. The title is, “A Man At The Crossroads.” Shortly, after this mural was completed, Rockefeller’s grandson, Nelson Rockefeller, had it covered up. This was a tragedy for Rivera and many lovers of Rivera’s work. This is beacause Rivera refused to remove one detail of the mural. And that was a portrait of Lenin amongst the crowd. Unfortunately, Rockefeller is a true symbol of Capitalism and having Lenin in there would not match, symbolically.

Here is a photograph of Rivera’s mural covered up:

I hope you enjoyed reading and discovering more about this immense artist as much as we enjoyed learning more about him!

P.S. – I just discovered that Diego wrote his own autobiography. I’ve added it on my to-read list and maybe you’ll all be interested as well!

Peace & Love!

Molly and Natalia

Happy Holidays to everybody!

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa, we’re wishing you a Happy Holiday and New Years!

As a note, we hope that you’ll take the time to listen to this beautiful performance and song, as a hopeful message for the future of our world and our kids! Let’s remember what’s really important this Holiday season!!!



NICHOLAS: 7 year old, future astronaut and doctor!

Nicholas is Natalia’s son and Molly’s brother and he’s the third musketeer of our family! Here’s an interview about Nicholas. Molly is interviewing Nicholas in the recording below! Listen to learn more about this imaginative and intelligent, 7 year old!

Hope you all enjoy!!!

And here are some of Nicholas’s favorite drawings that he’s made:

Molly & Nicholas with the Ipad

Soon Nicholas will be finishing his treatment for Leukemia! He was diagnosed way back in November 2008 and we’re excited to say that he’s an amazing and vibrant, 7 year old boy! We’re so proud of him. We chose to homeschool him last year, because he would get sick in school, but also because the public school education in America is diminishing. We found that Nicholas would become very stressed and less creative. Now we do a variety of things to educate Nicholas. The biggest way that we teach Nicholas is that he’s involved with us through everything. As you heard in the interview, Nicholas even goes with us to our colonic sessions and while my mom and I are busy doing colonics, Nicholas became a very good friend with the doctor and helps her out! Don’t worry, it’s nothing weird, but he likes to greet the other patients and help out in the office.

Homeschooling or Unschooling?

This is a question for many parents and we’ve done our fair share of research. We  tend to just go with the flow. We do have a schedule and we do have one specific book that we use. It’s called the BrainQuest book, which makes learning a lot of fun. Nicholas also does have a teacher who comes in for one hour, but the teacher is provided from the New York City Board of Education. This is something that the Board of Ed provides for ill kids. Other than that, we find that experience is the BEST teacher. For example, whether it’s taking Nicholas to a farm or whether it’s taking him to a museum. Nicholas is always super curious and it’s a lot of fun! We don’t pressure him and Nicholas asks a lot of questions all the time and he does educate himself in that sort of way. I guess, you could say that we do a combination of homeschooling and unschooling.


The one thing we find to be the most important and that we might disagree with from other unschoolers is the outlook on reading. Typically, the unschooler philosophy believes that when a child feels that they want to read, they will read. Their curiosity will grow and they will ask to be taught how to read. Although, we completely understand this concept and could see how it might work with some children, we are strong believers of reading. We believe that it’s one of the most important aspects of Education and that it is actually being drained out of the American school system. More and more children in public schools are illiterate. Kids aren’t being taught phonics anymore. We find this to be a crime against children. Reading is knowledge and therefore it is power for a person to make some of the most important decisions in life. We do make Nicholas read everyday and we want him to become and avid reader, just as we are.

Anyways, here are some more photos of our excellent, young chap, Nicholas!

Nicholas & Molly at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens


Nicholas being dug in the sand!

Nicholas on an old 1950's train.


Peace & Love,

Molly, Natalia, & Nicholas!