Hello World! :D

Well, here’s the first blog post from Athena’s Gown. Although you can read more about who we are and what we do in the ‘About’ section, I will share more about us here, in the 1st post.

My name is Molly and my mom, Natalia, and I have decided to collaborate together on a wonderful new project – Athena’s Gown. I’m an artist of many different mediums and my mom is a great fitter and designer, so the decision came, to merge art and design together. Some of our clothes are corsets with hand-embroidery and some are clothes with paint splattered on top.

The above photo is an example of what we do! It’s a corset inspired by one of our favorite artists, Mr. Gustav Klimt 🙂

Currently, me, my mom, and the youngest member of our family – my brother, Nicholas, live in Brooklyn, NY. We live in an area called Brighton Beach or otherwise known as “Little Russia by the Sea.”

Here are a few photos of the beach!

That’s my brother, Nicholas on the beach.

The beach is our biggest inspiration right now. Our small, but strong family has big goals, we want to travel, study, design, create, and globally educate my brother. This blog will be a record of everything we do. Our biggest project at the moment is getting Athena’s Gown up and running on Etsy. We want to make women look and feel beautiful and we want to connect to the handmade community of Etsy to help it grow! We strongly support handmade items worldwide, but we don’t want to support cheap labor of countries like China anymore! So here is the beginning of our adventure and we hope our followers will enjoy what we share!

Peace & Love,

Molly and Natalia!


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