Fashion in unusual places…Peru!

An under-appreciated fashion is the art of making textiles, by hand, without the use of harsh chemicals, and made with completely organic materials. What we try so hard to make organic in the Western World is already so engraved in the culture of Peru that they have no clue what the term “organic” means! In Peru, people have maintained an incredible culture and art even though the country has been rocked by many terrible things from the moment that the Spanish conquistadors settled in 1528. That is why we’re so grateful that in our world such an art still exists and that is the art of textile making.

In Peru, ancestors of the Ancient Incans, sit in the beautiful mountains and they herd one of the most popular animals there; the llama. The llama in Peru is the equivalent of the cow in America. Indeed, Ancient Incans use the alpaca meat as food and they also use alpaca for their precious wool. The process of making textiles are incredible. This natural wool is used from the llama and it is dyed with completely natural materials, which produce incredibly beautiful and bright colors. For example, there is a deep red-colored bug that they squash for its’ color. As gross as that may sound at first read it is a beautifully simple process, which is environmentally-friendly!

Watch this video to see in more detail how these textiles are made!

These rich textiles produced by incredible people is truly a gift in the 21st century when everybody is trying to be “green.” This is truly green and we need to support people like this with their skills, which are so valuable.

As my mom and I continue to design we are very inspired by these people. After all, in such a changing world we must think not only what is beautiful, but what is good for our world.

Lots of love,

Molly & Natalia


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