A look into our daily lives!

A look into our daily lives…

A typical day in our home looks like this…

We eat, my brother’s home school teacher comes in for an hour, we take a nice long walk on the beach, we design, make art, study, read, and we try to get out and show interesting places to my brother as often as possible. Enjoy the photos!


Here’s my my brother and I, and his friend, Koala. Just, Koala, that is his name and Koala came from Australia. My Australian aunt brought this lovely immigrant over for my brother!

Here my brother and I again, except this time, there’s me in my papier mache mask, which was part of a performance piece. This was taken when the mask finally dried! I actually performed at Occupy Wall st, so you can check that out here.

This is Nicholas at the clinic, which we still have to go to once in a while for his treatments, but very, very soon, Nicholas won’t have to go to the clinic anymore!!! He’s posing like a model in this photo 😉

This is Nicholas in Central Park, next to one of the best statues in NYC (I personally think!). In fact, I recently met up with a couch-surfer and showed her this statue!

Here we are at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in front of an Egyptian temple. This is one of my favorite parts of the museum. I think Nicholas got distracted in this photo. Perhaps he saw a cute girl!

Anyone visiting New York City, must stop at the Metropolitan Museum. It is not to miss. I can never get enough of it and no matter how many times I’ve gone to the MET, I still feel that I haven’t seen it all.

Nicholas blowing out the candles on his Birthday with our grandparents, though in Russian, they are Babushka and Dedushka for us! This was after we saw Priscilla and we also took our grandparents. For them it was their first broadway show, which just happened to be a showing with men wearing dresses. My grandparents are from Ukraine and they didn’t realize that they were watching men!

Haha – Captain Underpants? I guess he is real…

This year Nicholas dressed up as a pirate! We made the costume ourselves. Coolest costume ever! With some tattoos as well!

Don’t be disheartened by all the meat! And sorry to any vegetarians. Since living in America has its’ ups, but also many downs when it comes to food and health, my family drives to a farm 2 hours away once in a while to stock up on grass-fed beef, humanely treated animals, raw honey, and all those other wonderful things!

And so..yesss, here’s me with a lamb leg!

The AMAZING turkey we made on Thanksgiving!!!


Aside from the above photos, something else that’s extremely important to our daily lives is reading. And so what is on our reading lists? Here it is:

Natalia’s current book:

“Ask and it is Given”, by Esther and Jerry Hicks. My mom is almost finished with this book and basically this books teaches you the principles of the Law of Attraction. Just like there is a Law of Gravity, there is a Law of Attraction, which many people do not acknowledge. Through a clear explanation and then to more detailed techniques you can use this book extremely helps in making your dreams come true.

Molly’s current book:

Although I just began reading this book, it is quite excellent. I’ve only read the first few pages so far, so I will have to share more about it as I go along. Something I found interesting though is the second chapter about “Excusitis.” This is something we all have! I like how the author brings up examples like Roosevelt with paralyzed legs and Truman with no college education, and how strong, successful figures such as these, made no excuse as to what their personal challenges in life are.

Nicholas’ current book:

Since Nicholas is home-schooled, my mom and I study a lot with him! Although this isn’t a reading book, it is an amazing workbook with a Science section along with Social Studies, Math, Reading, etc. The first story he read in this book was a fable about the Sun and the Wind having a competition!


Have a lovely Monday everyone!


Peace & Love,

Molly and Natalia


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