Bill Cunningham: An icon to New York street clothes and FASHION!

BILL CUNNINGHAM is like a little angel in the form of a man on Earth, who’s become an icon for the New York fashion scene. He’s the “fashion fairy” that rides a bicycle around with a blue jacket all the time and shoots you with his magic wand, the camera.

If you know who Bill Cunningham is, then you can surely take it as a compliment to be photographed by him and most people who do get photographed by him, know this and always smile! Bill has a keen eye for fashion and has started photographing people on the streets since the colorful flower child time in America! Although the ironic thing is that he didn’t have a color film camera!

Bill Cunningham's Early Photographs

Recently, we were able to watch the documentary on Bill Cunningham through Netflix: Bill Cunningham New York. What an amazing person! We loved hearing his insight on fashion today. He explained that New York is beginning to look like Disney World – everyone looks the same and it’s becoming more difficult for Bill to photograph interesting people.Luckily, with Bill’s keen eye he still manages to find the unique and daring people amongst the huddle of people. We can’t help, but agree with Bill that fashion AND people have become bland and less original. Perhaps it is a fear that people have. You have to admit it takes courage to go out and look different, but shouldn’t that be fairly easy in New York City?!

We also really enjoyed watching video footage of Bill Cunningham at fashion shows. Although, Bill won’t criticize anyone negatively, you can tell whether he likes the clothing or not. If he’s holding up his camera; you’re a success! BUT, if his camera is in his lap, unfortunately, this is too bad.

It’s really an honor for someone like Bill Cunningham to be around. We believe that as our time continues to change and fashion and art are constantly evolving, fashion designers should use the extremely valuable insights of Bill Cunningham. He knows what he’s doing and not only because he lived in a somewhat different past, but because it is something that comes intuitively with Bill.

A beautifully tailored black suit that will never be out of style.

Since we’re designers and actually designing our collection at this point in our lives. We’ve looked into the fashion industry a lot. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of the same names out there – Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Dior, etc. And it’s not that any of these designers aren’t good in anyway, rather they are fantastic. Yet, we wonder where are the new designers? Is there no one creative?

We want to change this.

Anyways, not to steer off topic!!! If you get the chance, whether you’re in fashion or not, it’s very interesting to look into the man behind the camera lens and get to know more about him in his documentary! We definitely suggest it! And just as an extra bit, here’s an incredible spread by Bill Cunningham of Anna Piaggi!

Hope you enjoyed!

Peace & Love,

Molly & Natalia


One response to “Bill Cunningham: An icon to New York street clothes and FASHION!

  1. Love, love, LOVE!! Cunningham’s photographs are exquisite – every single one of them! And I adore Anna Piaggi’s quirky, original style – so creative, artistic & fun, yet still incredibly stylish and elegant!

    Stay stylish ladies!! 🙂 xoxo

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