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Etsy Featured Seller on Athena’s Gown Blog: From the Heart by Eva

Hi everybody! Today we have a special surprise for our blog followers! We’ve gotten the chance to interview a very talented Etsy seller and feature her work on our blog. Her name is Eva and you can visit her etsy shop here. Eva is originally from Latvia and currently resides in London. She’s a very talented jewelry maker and as her etsy store claims, she makes, “free spirit hand stamped jewelry for the world travelers!” There is truly a very unique look and meaning to all of Eva’s jewelry and wearing her jewelry would serve as a constant reminder of happiness in our life in a very special way.

Enjoy the Interview and Eva’s  beautiful jewelry and art! 🙂  

(By the way, if you click the images you will be lead to the item’s listing!)

Athena’s Gown: Hi Eva! I looked through almost all of your jewelry on Etsy and it was a real pleasure!  I love the little phrases you use, such as, “I am a yes person.” Can you tell us more about your idea of using inspirational phrases on jewelry and how you came up with this idea?

Eva: Since I was a young teenager, my older sisters always carried utterly smart life quotes with them wherever they went, whatever they did. I rarely understood them (at age 12!) but they inspired me. And so since then I’ve been addicted to positive inspirational phrases, quotes and sayings. It really can move a person if you allow it to. I mostly use positive quotes, but at times there are some random sassy attitude sayings such as “I’m a Free Bitch, Baby”, “You Smell”, “A dirty mind is better than no mind at all” etc. Laughter is all that I’m looing for when someone wears this. 

AG: What is the biggest inspiration for the work you do?

E: My biggest inspiration for all that I do is my late grandmother. And so, she still, even though not with us anymore, inspires me every day. Someone like her will never be forgotten. When I create my jewellery, I thank her for the wisdom she gave me, for I know without her I would never be the person I am now. Ever in 100 years.  

AG: What are your favorite materials to work with?

E: I love to work with clay and paints. Clay is so versatile and also earth-friendly. I feel like a kid again whenever I work with it. And it absorbs paint so well. It’s a challenge every time I work paint into the clay – lets see what’s going to come out of this… Oooh! nice one!

AG: Any favorite books, writers, or artists that really move you?

E: Right now I’m into “Jane Eyre” – written by Charlotte Bronte, an English writer. I’ve seen the latest film, and I’ve read the book once, and yet I cannot let go of it. Jane’s spirit inspires me big times. Someone who’s so dedicated to her own self, having that strong self-discipline many of us lack today. I guess I want to be more like her. My first 2 books that inspired me in my teens were “Notre Dame de Paris” by Victor Hugo and “Memoirs of a Geisha” by Arthur Golden. They still move me.

AG: I read on your Etsy profile that you do other things, beside jewelry making, like painting. Can you tell us more about that?

E: Yes, I do paint and I draw (mostly weird stuff). Although now I’ve taken a break from painting, I want to get back to it at one point in near future. Now I’d like to concentrate on two things – my jewellery line and my studies. It’s rather difficult to juggle all 3 with equal dedication. I’ve been painting since my teens, but never explored it deeper. For me, painting is playing and discovering. It’s a form of expression, just like Acting. In Acting you see characters thoughts on their faces, in painting you see artists inner dialogues on the piece of canvas. I recommend painting for building patience!  

AG: Do you have any end goals with where you’d like to go with your creations, whether it be jewelry or painting?

E: I’m aiming for brand and product recognition internationally. I’d like to expand it to bigger volume orders and more international shipping. Bigger demand, more creative designs and better management. I’d also really like to devote some quality time in near future for painting only. I really want to explore it more and see where it can take me (tell me a thing I DON’T want to explore! Haha!) . 

AG: And last of all, any advice for the newbies on Etsy?

E: Yes! Dear newbie, please don’t quit when you feel nothing moves. At all times motivate and encourage yourself that you WILL succeed if you work on it. Let any judgement/negative comments roll of your shoulders and replace them with positive, success-driven motivation. Create, improve, socialise, co-operate with other artists. It is not easy if you’re alone, but we can all do this. If I did it, YOU can do it too. I’m no better than you. So good luck! And – do NOT give up!

Thanks for the interview, Eva and we wish you lots of luck! 🙂


Peace & Love,

Molly and Natalia