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Auntie Mame, a fashion inspiration and an inspiration for life!


“Life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!”

Auntie Mame: “Well, now, uh, read me all the words you don’t understand.”

Patrick: “Libido, inferiority complex, stinko, blotto, free love, bathtub gin, monkey glands, Karl Marx… is he one of the Marx Brothers?  …Neurotic, heterosexual…”

Auntie Mame: “Oh, my my my my, what an eager little mind. You won’t need some of these words for months and months.” 

Auntie Mame is one of our favorite movies and one of the most inspirational. This all time classic is filled with many laughs as it is filled with so much knowledge. Auntie Mame is the story about a boy who’s father passes away and must therefore live with ‘eccentric,’ Auntie Mame. Mame lives in New York City, she’s very fabulous, her apartment is filled with ‘Oriental’ art and artifacts, she has cocktail parties every evening, and her friends are artists, actors, teachers, communists, and all the other strange people of the world! (Or perhaps they are the normal ones!). The boy, who’s name is Patrick, adores Auntie Mame and she adores him back. The film shows their story in the best of times, but also in the worst with little money, but nothing can bring down Auntie Mame! She lives her extraordinary life, she falls in love, she travels the world, and so much more!

True, this is a movie, but there is so much truth to it. It is true indeed, as Auntie Mame says, “Life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.” These words ring incredibly true with us. Although we aren’t financially wealthy, we are incredibly wealthy in terms of love and happiness, and our family is extremely grateful for that.

Auntie Mame being eccentric and all, is also a tremendous inspiration in terms of fashion!

At one point, Mame, comes back from a trip to India wearing a sari! Her taste and style is so elegant and can never get old. It’s that style that we strive for in our own designs. Something that can be timeless and unique! That is probably why our interest in corsets appeared. Corsets have a good and bad history as many might know. For example, corsets were a terrible restraining device for women. Many women died just from wearing them, but corsets have also served to make a women’s figure look incredible. Often a corset was worn by regular housewives because this was something comfortable and it made women feel confident. It gave them the ability to walk with an extra bounce. And so that is why we’ve combined corsets and embroidery as well. To achieve a different look and style, but something that anyone could wear!

You can click the photo above to see our listing for it on Etsy. It was inspired by Henri Toulouse-Lautrec.

That sums up our post on the wonderful, timeless, Auntie Mame! Watch the movie when ya’ get the chance!

Peace & Love,

Molly and Natalia

P.S. – Today’s Nicholas’s Birthday! We’re going to see the Broadway Musical, Priscilla! Come check back to hear more about it!!! 😉