Corinne Bailey Rae: A classy woman with a voice from heaven!

What a pleasure it is to see a woman who dresses so feminine and with such class, and on top of it, she’s a beautiful talent! I can say right away, that hopefully we’ll get the chance to one day meet Corinne Bailey Rae and hear her sing in some intimate setting. That’s the way I imagine hearing her music. Only with the right group of people, in a small, but classy setting! It’s fantastic to see someone as her during our time when women are so mixed up and although Hollywood will always have lots of beautiful people, there’s that specific class, that not every woman has!

Enjoy her music video, ‘Closer,’ which came out in 2010:

The interesting thing about Corinne Bailey Rae is how she got her debut! For someone so young, she accomplished to do everything on her own. She recorded her first album on her own with her friends and it became a hit instantly and soon enough it was on America’s Top 20 Billboard. When it came to recording her new album, although many companies wanted her to sign with them, she kindly refused and recorded her new album with her friends again. We love this about her! It’s also so great to see how passionate she is about what she does and the fact that she just went right ahead and did it.

Check out some of Corinne Bailey Rae’s outfits!


Peace & Love

Molly and Natalia


Bill Cunningham: An icon to New York street clothes and FASHION!

BILL CUNNINGHAM is like a little angel in the form of a man on Earth, who’s become an icon for the New York fashion scene. He’s the “fashion fairy” that rides a bicycle around with a blue jacket all the time and shoots you with his magic wand, the camera.

If you know who Bill Cunningham is, then you can surely take it as a compliment to be photographed by him and most people who do get photographed by him, know this and always smile! Bill has a keen eye for fashion and has started photographing people on the streets since the colorful flower child time in America! Although the ironic thing is that he didn’t have a color film camera!

Bill Cunningham's Early Photographs

Recently, we were able to watch the documentary on Bill Cunningham through Netflix: Bill Cunningham New York. What an amazing person! We loved hearing his insight on fashion today. He explained that New York is beginning to look like Disney World – everyone looks the same and it’s becoming more difficult for Bill to photograph interesting people.Luckily, with Bill’s keen eye he still manages to find the unique and daring people amongst the huddle of people. We can’t help, but agree with Bill that fashion AND people have become bland and less original. Perhaps it is a fear that people have. You have to admit it takes courage to go out and look different, but shouldn’t that be fairly easy in New York City?!

We also really enjoyed watching video footage of Bill Cunningham at fashion shows. Although, Bill won’t criticize anyone negatively, you can tell whether he likes the clothing or not. If he’s holding up his camera; you’re a success! BUT, if his camera is in his lap, unfortunately, this is too bad.

It’s really an honor for someone like Bill Cunningham to be around. We believe that as our time continues to change and fashion and art are constantly evolving, fashion designers should use the extremely valuable insights of Bill Cunningham. He knows what he’s doing and not only because he lived in a somewhat different past, but because it is something that comes intuitively with Bill.

A beautifully tailored black suit that will never be out of style.

Since we’re designers and actually designing our collection at this point in our lives. We’ve looked into the fashion industry a lot. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of the same names out there – Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Dior, etc. And it’s not that any of these designers aren’t good in anyway, rather they are fantastic. Yet, we wonder where are the new designers? Is there no one creative?

We want to change this.

Anyways, not to steer off topic!!! If you get the chance, whether you’re in fashion or not, it’s very interesting to look into the man behind the camera lens and get to know more about him in his documentary! We definitely suggest it! And just as an extra bit, here’s an incredible spread by Bill Cunningham of Anna Piaggi!

Hope you enjoyed!

Peace & Love,

Molly & Natalia

The Producers…’Guten tag clap clap, Guten tag slap slap!’

“The Producers” is one of our favorite movies! This clever and hysterical musical, written by Mel Brooks is sure to make anyone laugh! Everything from Max Bialystock, the Broadway producer, ‘shtucking’ every old lady in New York for an investment, to Ulla the hot, tall Swedish girl that likes breakfast with ‘Swedish herring’, and Will Ferrel playing the role of an ex-Nazi soldier! In this musical, two producers try to put on one huge ponzi scheme, making a Broadway show flop! You can’t help, but think of all of the ‘ponzi schemes’ America has seen from Wall Street when watching, ‘The Producers.”

This is one of our favorite movies when we’re in the mood to laugh, but also watch something smart! We definitely suggest this movie to everyone! It’s fantastic!

Here are some more of our favorite movies!

Sweet November, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Mamma Mia, Frida, Auntie Mame, E.T., Chocolat, It Happened One Night, Scent of A Woman, Under the Tuscan Sun, Tangled, & Chicago!


What are some of your favorite movies? 

We’d love to hear from you!


Peace & Love,

Molly and Natalia

Natalia is a single mother with a big mission in life for herself and her kids!

In 1991 at 21 years old, I boarded a plane from Kharkov, Ukraine to the USA – New York City! I was completely unaware of what was to come, I had no fears, and only pure excitement of a new beginning! And boy, did that kind of thinking bring in incredible joys and successes!

So here’s a blog post more about me, Natalia. I’m a single mother with two wonderful kids and the three of us (me, Molly, and Nicholas) are a team with big dreams that we are working towards! But I’ll share more about my past in this post.

Back in Ukraine, I had a formal college education in finances, but I come from a family of tailors! So even though I finished college in finance, I was destined to continue my path as a tailor since I began practicing my skills as a tailor from the age of thirteen! So when I arrived in New York City, barely speaking English, before you knew it I was getting married and soon enough I landed a job on Madison Ave. in New York City. That was when I entered the Luca Luca family. That was my school of fashion. There I was, the leading tailor in charge of everything that was a part of the tailoring department, although I had no specific title, the customers called me by a special name; magicfitter! The customers at Luca Luca ranged from the rich and famous to the neighborhood Upper East Side residents. Although the Upper East Side holds many misconceptions of snooty rich women, I would have to disagree because every single customer was wonderful to say the least.

Luca Luca (Luca Orlandi, the designer) and Yildiz Blackstone (President of the company).

As I had the incredible opportunity to work side by side with these two extraordinary people, I am left speechless at what to say. I guess all I have to say is, I love you guys! You are the best!

(Photo of myself, Luca Orlandi, and the team celebrating after the 2003 Spring Fashion show)

(Celebrating my birthday with the team at Luca Luca)

(Me in a stunning Luca Luca dress!)

All-nighters at Luca Luca!

In the above photo, this was one of several nights that I pulled an all-nighter at Luca while the company was preparing for fashion shows! Speaking of all-nighters, at one point Luca found out last minute that he was going to London for an auction, in which all proceeds were to go to children’s donations. He needed a dress to be completely done from scratch overnight! So the next morning, he was on the plane with the dress, which sold at the auction for $30,000!

The Pink Dress

The dress above was also done overnight and I guess you could say it became an ‘overnight success!’ It was the best seller and on top of it, it was featured in several soap operas and movies like, ‘Something’s Gotta Give.’

Working at Luca Luca, I had the opportunity to work with all of the best fabrics that were produced by Italy, France, and Switzerland, unlike the mostly, mass-produced fabrics from China right now. The fabric is the real magic of design. Without good fabric, a dress or a skirt is nothing.


On Saturdays, I’d take my daughter, Molly to work with me at Luca Luca and from the age of four, she grew a deep fascination by all of the fashion sketches hung around Luca Luca. At four years old, she would sit and try to draw out fashion sketches as well. The rest of the team used to give Molly presents of pencils, paints, and markers. That was when I knew that she’d be an artist.

Eventually though, due to personal circumstances, I had to leave the company and it was a heartbreak.

Right now in my life though, there is a new start. With all of the knowledge I’ve gained from the past and more time spent with my kids, they’ve taught me some of the most valuable lessons. I’m a firm believer that kids can be our greatest teachers. Simply put, my kids are my inspiration in everything, especially for what’s to come in the future. As my daughter said in her previous post, we can’t share our plans just yet, being that most of our family members don’t know as well, but soon, we’ll share in another post.

Till then, my daughter and I are working on Athena’s Gown on Etsy. We will be producing an entire collection. It will take some time, but we will keep you updated!

Peace & Love,


In 2010, Molly, graduated from high school, almost two years later she still isn’t in college.

Hi everyone – this is Molly enlightening you with a post and basically sharing more about myself. The next post will be by mom, Natalia, and my brother, Nicholas, but for now – I’ll share about me!

So I’m 19 years old and I’m a college-dropout. Crazy thing to hear in the 21st century, right?

I graduated in 2010 from a fantastic high school specializing in arts in New York City and while I was in high school, I didn’t have an average high school experience. I educated myself in so many ways that I’ve only realized looking back, now. I always knew I wanted to be an artist and so aside from going to an arts high school, from the age of 15 I began working at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, where I continued to work for four years and became incredible friends with my boss there, I took advantage of all the free art classes in New York City, including at the MoMa, and I took free pre-college classes at the Cooper Union, where I learned more than I could ask for!

(me, in front of my painting at my high school in 2008)

Finally came senior year! Everyone’s stressing about college admissions. and I’m just making my art. The sculpture classroom of my school became my personal studio during school hours and after hours. If you wanted to find Molly, you came to the sculpture room. It was complete freedom and bliss! If I wanted to order wood for a project, guess what? My teacher would order the wood on his account for me. But anyways, I didn’t really want to go to college, except for one. So I took a bold move and applied to one college, which happened to be the most competitive art college in America. This was Cooper Union. I don’t want to linger on it too long, but I knew a lot of the staff there and even became good friends with them and had personal recommendations, and had basically studied there for over a year through pre-college classes, but at the end of the story, I didn’t get in. To this day, I still don’t know why, but I’m sure glad I didn’t get in.

Well, there I am, the only graduate NOT going to college. I tried to enroll at the community college, thinking that I’d get by with just taking art classes, but that didn’t work out quite well either, since colleges in America want to stuff your minds with useless crap when you’re planning to become an artist, I decided it wasn’t for me. So for a year I looked around and applied to a few more schools, even had a school beg me to attend, and last of all, I tried the free route and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology for a few days in September 2011. That was the breaking point. “Mom, I’m not going to college.” “Dad, I have something to tell you, I dropped out.”

My mom handled it well since she’s been with me every step of the way. My dad felt it necessary to share this with the rest of the world, but eventually he talked to me and got used to it, knowing that I’m an artist.


What have I been doing since that terrible September?

I have been working my butt off making art, studying art history, philosophy, reading artist biographies, learning Spanish, and even dipping my toes into a little quantum physics. I love it. I guess this could be considered a part of the now popular, “un-schooling movement.” I have been outlining my own education. I have been experimenting the way I used to in high school, with freedom. I’m truly “finding” myself and my niche! Most importantly, I have no fear. In fact, I have a pretty fantastic and adventurous plan! I can’t share yet what my plan is since I haven’t shared it with the other half of my family yet, but I promise to readers of this blog that in February I will share every detail of my plan!

The thing that’s ironic about it all is just the other day I told my mom, “I figured out what I become blissfully happy from and that’s from learning something new and incredibly fascinating. It just gets me so excited and I could talk about it for hours.” I can’t even express how this makes me feel. And  I have a real obsession with art. I am constantly thinking and talking about art – it must get on my mom’s nerves! I want to do so much in the art world, but that will be in a different post! I’ll post some images of my art, the process, and also books I’ve read or websites I use below this!

This isn’t finished yet, but it’s in the process 😉

This is an embroidery piece, part of an entire series. This ones my favorite!

This is a photo from a performance piece called, ‘Become You’, which I performed at the Occupy Wall Street protests.

The great thing is that you can see all of my art on my website here!

Here are some of my favorite books:


Here are some websites & podcasts I use to study:

Learn Out Loud

Coffee Break Spanish

Smart History (I actually took an online art history course w/the teacher who created this)

Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art Lectures by Oxford University

There are many more podcasts I study and many more books and materials I read and study, but the point is that anybody can find free information online and educate themselves these days, and if it’s not free, it’s usually not too expensive.

The other material I use to study Spanish is Rosetta Stone.

So with all the information I receive and educate myself with, I continue to experiment with my art and plan to create beautiful art for museums and fine art galleries in the future. So until February, I shall let my readers know the official plan of my art, unschooling, and dreams.

“I awoke, only to find the rest of the world is still asleep.” 
-Leonardo da Vinci

Peace & Love,


What is Organic for us?

Yesterday we took the car and headed out on our 2 hour trip to wonderful farms in Pennsylvania. We do this once every few months and we go to two different farms for meat and dairy products and we stock up!

So why don’t we just go to the nearest health food store such as Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s?

First, prices. Second, there’s no guarantee of the actual quality.

We have done so much research that all began from a famous documentary called Food Inc. Then we further continued to research through watching more documentaries on food, agriculture in America, and reading books and articles. So instead of me over-talking, I’ll just post the images below and you can enjoy all of the same info we’ve collected over the past year and a half.


We highly recommend any of the above films and books, and if you want instant information we suggest going to, which is some of the most up to date info by Dr. Mercola, a real-living God.

So with all of this knowledge and wanting to feel healthy and look amazing, we put the knowledge to good use. This past summer we went away to a popular area called the Poconos where we enjoy life away from the city and breathe the fresh air of the woods. While we were there we stopped by the local farmer’s market, which really consisted of only five different vendors, but right there in one grand corner, was a miracle. Grass-fed Beef. Beef. Beef. Beef. Drool. Beef!

The prices you ask? Cheaper than the supermarket.

We decided that we’d need more than just a few steaks and headed over directly to the farm. We passed the beautiful rolling hills of Pennsylvania and soon we saw herds of cows and chickens roaming the grass. We knew we arrived.

As we rolled into the driveway, a German shepherd stood at its’ guard watching us and rows of berries were right near us, and then there were the owners. The first experience probably lasted two hours as we were caught up talking to the owners. Wonderful people who are totally new to farming, but with their knowledge of what’s happening to American health and agriculture, they were moved to have a farm.

Inside the shed is where they have the potluck of gold at the end of the rainbow. A few refrigerators filled with seemingly, never-ending varieties of meat, free-range eggs, and as an extra raw honey. But, nothing is labeled organic.


Organic has become a multi-billion dollar industry and because of that, not everything is as organic as it might seem at your local Whole Foods. For example, an “organic, free-range” Chicken from Whole Foods, may be packaged and labeled nicely, but Michael Pollen, an agricultural activist has proven it to be the other way around. Pollen, bought a so-called organic, free-range chicken at Whole Foods that even had a name – Rosie. Pollen literally tracked the company down and decided to visit the farm in hopes of seeing free-roaming chickens. This took him to California, where he discovered a different picture. Imagine a dark shed with a bunch of chickens stuffed in there. What happened to the free-range? Well, they were nice enough to include a tiny little door for…Rosie, I guess, to go out and roam on some grass, though none of the birds seemed smart enough to figure this out. So there goes the free-range.

What about the organic aspect of Rosie?

Well, unfortunately, you get no guarantee. Since chickens eat grain and there are many different kinds of grain, but the most common being genetically modified corn, this causes a problem. Under the organic label it doesn’t specify what the animals should eat. When a chicken or a cow eats genetically modified corn, which is often the case, they get sick. No living organism was designed to eat genetically modified crop. If it effects the chicken, it will unfortunately affect humans too.

So going back to our farm discovery in Pennsylvania, they like to say that they are ‘beyond organic’ and they have every right to do so. We found ourselves leaving the farm with grass-fed beef, free range eggs of all different colors (green, white, blue, brown), free range chicken, raw local honey, and even chorizo beef sausages!

The next farm we go to is Keepsake Dairy Farm and by the way, I will post the information at the bottom of this post for those interested in going to these farms. The dairy farm is so much fun as well! The animals over there seem to be very social. As soon as you drive in, you see a family of chickens walking around and they’re awfully frightened by people and have a funny reaction and then you see the cows. The last time, I decided to walk up to the cows and maybe pet them, but soon I found three cows starring me directly in the eye and mooing! I thought, I better not ruin their appetite!

So why do we go here? We get RAW milk. A little known fact about America is that Raw milk is illegal. Everything is pasteurized. So the only time we enjoy dairy products is when we go to this real dairy farm. Raw dairy has been proven to actually cure ADD/ADHD. It’s really fascinating and super beneficial for us, when we know what source it’s coming from!

Here are some photos from our most recent trip to the farms:

For Meat, go to:


(610) 871-2310 —Call them beforehand to check if they have eggs and chicken.


For Dairy, go to:

Keepsake Dairy Farm

3286 Pheasant Drive
Northampton, PA 18067

Peace & Love,
Molly and Natalia



SOCRATES: A rebel-bearded-hippie-man of Athens.

“As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.”


Socrates was a philosopher living in Ancient Greece, Athens. The painting above, probably the most famous, is by Jacques-Louis David, painted in 1787. The painting shows the most notable fact known of Socrates and that is the time of his death. Socrates was a professor of Philosophy in Athens and he was condemned to death for “corrupting” the minds of the youth and for showing a lack of respect towards Greek Gods and Goddesses.

He had a choice though – either to be executed or to renounce himself as a teacher. So in this painting, Socrates is holding a cup of poison, having chosen to kill himself. He believed in what he stood for and therefore wouldn’t renounce his profession.

Unfortunately, we have very little information on Socrates because he never wrote anything he taught. The only source of information that we’ve received on Socrates are through his notable students, such as, Plato, but this is all second hand.

I find Socrates so fascinating though! He was sort of like a hippie-rebel-character in Athens. He walked around with a long Spartan-style haircut (even though Athens was at war with Sparta), he walked barefoot, and you could find him at the marketplace talking to everyone, including women, slaves, kids, rich, poor – didn’t matter! I think it should also be made clear that Socrates was irreverent to Greek Gods and Goddesses, because he wanted people to think on their own. There have been many misconceptions in the past about Socrates relationship with the Gods, which have somehow been related to Jesus or Buddha. Socrates was neither Jesus nor Buddha. Instead, Socrates taught people to think for themselves. Here it is, in his own words:

“The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being.”

This is why Socrates would be in the marketplace talking, asking, and listening to people’s ideas on courage, love, reverence, moderation, and the state of their souls.

And so in Socrates-style let’s ask these questions and it would be wonderful to hear your thoughts!

What is love?

What is a soul?

What is fear?

What is happiness?

Peace & Love

Molly and Natalia