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JENNIFER BUFFETT: Super Woman Philanthropist

Recently, we got a Marie Claire magazine in the mail. It must have been a Holiday gift from Santa Clause, because we have no subscription to Marie Claire, haha! Yet, it was a nicce surprise and we were enlightened with a great article!

As we flipped through the pages, we came across a full-page photograph of a beautiful woman that caught our attention; Jennifer Buffett. She is married to Peter Buffett, who is the son of one of the wealthiest men in the world; Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett gave Peter and Jennifer Buffett a gift of $1 billion dollars  and his only request was that they do something meaningful with the money and to give it away.

Jennifer and her husband made a decision to travel the world and figure out what exactly they’d do with with the money. They saw one issue that they were very moved by and they came upon the decision to focus on helping girls and women around the world. They created the NoVo Foundation.

What an inspiring woman! I absolutely love something that she says in her interview with Marie Claire:

“I feel more alive than I ever have in my whole life,” she says. “We have the ability to do so much. I can’t wait to get out of bed and support that.”

To read the interview, click here.

It’s amazing that there are wealthy people in this world who truly put their love and passion into making this a better world for everyone!

Here’s a photo of Jennifer Buffet with girls in Liberia!

Peace & Love,

Molly and Natalia