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Creating A Sustainable Future For The World Through Fashion


Although we’ve created clothes from leftover fabrics so far, we are designers that want to merge with the new sustainable fashion movement and the way we see it is that there is no other way.

What do we consider the new fashion movement?

A movement, which uses the highest quality fabrics, produced with organic methods and dyed with natural materials. The talented workers making the fabric must have fair hours and wages. Them and their families must be supported so that they can grow stronger, live happier lives, and therefore produce better and more creative work. All of this will help both designers and producers of fabric and clothing to envision a better future for themselves and the world as a whole.

There are so many talented people all over the world. We believe that now is the time for real global collaboration! We must connect and support each other for a beautiful future and we must use the resources that this rich earth holds for us. Almost every country and culture on this planet has something unique to share with this world.

We can change the world by making a statement with the clothes we wear and as designers, we can make this change with the clothes we design. The best part is that you can look great and have fun while changing the world with what you wear.

An inspiring company is making change as I type this. It’s called People Tree and it supports everything I mentioned above. One of their biggest supporters is Emma Watson. Check out the video below of Emma Watson visiting Bangladesh where People Tree has one of its’ many producers of clothing. The workers have fair hours and wages, their children are supported with schools, and living space.

It’s an exciting direction for fashion and frankly, we believe that it’s the only choice we must make right now! Let’s support the beautiful and talented people of countries, such as, Indonesia, Thailand, Peru, India, Africa, Mexico, and many more!


Molly and Natalia


What is Organic for us?

Yesterday we took the car and headed out on our 2 hour trip to wonderful farms in Pennsylvania. We do this once every few months and we go to two different farms for meat and dairy products and we stock up!

So why don’t we just go to the nearest health food store such as Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s?

First, prices. Second, there’s no guarantee of the actual quality.

We have done so much research that all began from a famous documentary called Food Inc. Then we further continued to research through watching more documentaries on food, agriculture in America, and reading books and articles. So instead of me over-talking, I’ll just post the images below and you can enjoy all of the same info we’ve collected over the past year and a half.


We highly recommend any of the above films and books, and if you want instant information we suggest going to mercola.com, which is some of the most up to date info by Dr. Mercola, a real-living God.

So with all of this knowledge and wanting to feel healthy and look amazing, we put the knowledge to good use. This past summer we went away to a popular area called the Poconos where we enjoy life away from the city and breathe the fresh air of the woods. While we were there we stopped by the local farmer’s market, which really consisted of only five different vendors, but right there in one grand corner, was a miracle. Grass-fed Beef. Beef. Beef. Beef. Drool. Beef!

The prices you ask? Cheaper than the supermarket.

We decided that we’d need more than just a few steaks and headed over directly to the farm. We passed the beautiful rolling hills of Pennsylvania and soon we saw herds of cows and chickens roaming the grass. We knew we arrived.

As we rolled into the driveway, a German shepherd stood at its’ guard watching us and rows of berries were right near us, and then there were the owners. The first experience probably lasted two hours as we were caught up talking to the owners. Wonderful people who are totally new to farming, but with their knowledge of what’s happening to American health and agriculture, they were moved to have a farm.

Inside the shed is where they have the potluck of gold at the end of the rainbow. A few refrigerators filled with seemingly, never-ending varieties of meat, free-range eggs, and as an extra raw honey. But, nothing is labeled organic.


Organic has become a multi-billion dollar industry and because of that, not everything is as organic as it might seem at your local Whole Foods. For example, an “organic, free-range” Chicken from Whole Foods, may be packaged and labeled nicely, but Michael Pollen, an agricultural activist has proven it to be the other way around. Pollen, bought a so-called organic, free-range chicken at Whole Foods that even had a name – Rosie. Pollen literally tracked the company down and decided to visit the farm in hopes of seeing free-roaming chickens. This took him to California, where he discovered a different picture. Imagine a dark shed with a bunch of chickens stuffed in there. What happened to the free-range? Well, they were nice enough to include a tiny little door for…Rosie, I guess, to go out and roam on some grass, though none of the birds seemed smart enough to figure this out. So there goes the free-range.

What about the organic aspect of Rosie?

Well, unfortunately, you get no guarantee. Since chickens eat grain and there are many different kinds of grain, but the most common being genetically modified corn, this causes a problem. Under the organic label it doesn’t specify what the animals should eat. When a chicken or a cow eats genetically modified corn, which is often the case, they get sick. No living organism was designed to eat genetically modified crop. If it effects the chicken, it will unfortunately affect humans too.

So going back to our farm discovery in Pennsylvania, they like to say that they are ‘beyond organic’ and they have every right to do so. We found ourselves leaving the farm with grass-fed beef, free range eggs of all different colors (green, white, blue, brown), free range chicken, raw local honey, and even chorizo beef sausages!

The next farm we go to is Keepsake Dairy Farm and by the way, I will post the information at the bottom of this post for those interested in going to these farms. The dairy farm is so much fun as well! The animals over there seem to be very social. As soon as you drive in, you see a family of chickens walking around and they’re awfully frightened by people and have a funny reaction and then you see the cows. The last time, I decided to walk up to the cows and maybe pet them, but soon I found three cows starring me directly in the eye and mooing! I thought, I better not ruin their appetite!

So why do we go here? We get RAW milk. A little known fact about America is that Raw milk is illegal. Everything is pasteurized. So the only time we enjoy dairy products is when we go to this real dairy farm. Raw dairy has been proven to actually cure ADD/ADHD. It’s really fascinating and super beneficial for us, when we know what source it’s coming from!

Here are some photos from our most recent trip to the farms:

For Meat, go to:


(610) 871-2310 —Call them beforehand to check if they have eggs and chicken.


For Dairy, go to:

Keepsake Dairy Farm

3286 Pheasant Drive
Northampton, PA 18067

Peace & Love,
Molly and Natalia